AYBS Toothy Trivia Answers

As a favor to Marty Peritsky, I am posting the results of his trivia question from the Canteen here on my web page. Here is the list of the toothy references, all in one place. 23-26 were known answers, but never guessed. #27 is an extremeley late addition (I don't know how we missed it). Victoria Anne: (#1) In the movie, Mr. Lucas buys a set of teeth in the joke department and hides it from Captain Peacock in a pair of y-fronts on a display dummy. Then they have a 10 minute bit on everyone discovering the moving y-fronts. (#2) In the episode where the cast have to impersonate shareholders, Miss Brahms wears buck teeth. "Takeover" (#3) In AYBS? A!, an american guest, Mr. Emberg, loses his teeth in a bread roll and they have to kill the goat to retrieve them. Captain Elvis: (#4) ...the monkey bite in Monkey Business "Monkey Business" (#5) There's also a short diolog in the Canteen...Mr. Humphries: Captain Peacock, may I have a few hours off this afternoon, say for a..dental appointment? Captain Peacock: I believe I could write a chit to that effect. Miss Brahms: But your teeth is prettier than most girls? Mr. Humphries: All the better for what I have in mind. "Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe" (#6) Mr. Humphries: It's hard to get to know a woman's age. I keep asking my mother and she'd always say "I'm as old as my nose and a little bit older than my teeth." Mr. Grainger: I'm a great deal older than my teeth. "Fifty Years On" (#7)... Then there's when the Ladies and Gents departments have to share a counter. Mrs. Slocombe is going through Mr. Grainger's private drawer. Mr. Granger: mrs. Slocombe! Put those back at once! That is my spare pair! Mr. Lucas: Yea, he only wears them when he's asking for a rise. "Shoulder to Shoulder" Kim: (#8) Mr. Lucas asks Mr. Humphries how he can put up with Captain Peacock. Mr. Humphries replies by stating something like grit your teeth and smile, it's the second pair I've had this year. "the Pilot" Mr Patel: (#9 & #10) ...both Capt. Peacock and Mr Harmon being attackey by ferocious pets: Stephen by Mrs. Slocombe's cat in the episode where she's moving and Beverly/Harry by a bulldog in the show where they take over the toy department. "The Apartment" and "A Change is as Good as a Rest" (#11) Then, of course, there is Mrs. Slocombe buying gloves for Mr. Humphries when she's having erotic dreams about him and describing the recipient of the gift in great detail--leaving out only "the gap in the front teeth" as Mr. Spooner quickly points out. "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe" johnboy: (#12) ...When the staff were showing Mr. Humphries' mother the counter where he stood, he picked up a tart or cookie(or something) that had Humphries' teeth marks in it. She said, "I see that naughty boy still hasn't been to the dentist." "Heir Apparent" Victoria Anne: (#13) An American tourist at Millstone Manor uses her slotted spoon for the jam...Mr. Humphries told the tourist to suck the tea through her teeth, because of the tea leaves. (#14) It's very cold outside one morning, Mr Grainger arrives... Mr. Grainger said his teeth wouldn't stop chattering and Mr. Humphries told him to put them in his pocket. "Mrs. Slocombe Expects"
Mr. Patel: (#15) As Mr. Lucas gets ready to go to bed in Camping In, he passes Ernest's tent, lifts up the glass containing his (E's) dentures and proclaims that these teeth "once did Winston Churchill." Marty: (#16) Miss Lovelock is repeating to Miss Brahms what Captain Peacock said about his wartime adventures... Miss Lovelock: "He was attacked by a Gestapo Alsatian. He has the teeth marks to prove it." Miss Brahms:"That was Miss Attenburo in Accounts!" (#17) Mr. Rumbold is discussing his near-death experience... Mr Rumbold: "It happened while the dentist was giving me gas for these caps." He bares his teeth. Mrs. Slocombe: "Yes, some of them are quite lifelike." Victoria Anne: (#18) In "Conduct Unbecoming," Captain Peacock pulled a half-eaten sandwich out of the coat on the dummy and remarks about the gap in the teeth marks. Victoria Anne's brother: (#19) The little old man in "The Junior" was savaged by a hamster. Many thanks to all the contributors--You've all done very well. Marty Victoria Anne: (#20) Mr. Grainger: How did you reach that hypothesis? Mr. Lucas: Can you repeat that? Mr. Grainger: I can't. My teeth are caught up in this custard. "No Sale" (#21 & #22) Mr. Grainger said he took a walk through the park to feed the ducks his toast crusts, which he could not chew. Later Mr. Humphries tells him to tell his wife to put the oven on 1/4 or the crust would "play harry with his gums." (#23) Mr. Lucas, in regards to a plate of cheese rolls that both Mr. Grainger and Mr. Humphries have man-handled "Those you haven't squeezed around, he's had his teeth around." (#24) The ultra violet light at the Garden of Allah disco showed off Mr. Lucas' two capped teeth. "Dracula Lives" "Fire Practice" (#25) Mr. Grainger pretending to be a customer "when I get my teeth into a role there's no holding me." "Mrs. Slocombe Expects" (#26) In "Strong Stuff, this Insurance", Mrs. Slocombe comments that there must be something wrong with the doctor's teeth. Thanks to Tommy, late of Web TV (#27)Mr. Harmon said to Mrs. Slocombe "I wish I had your nerve in my tooth!"-Front Page Story