Staff Rules and Regulations

contributed by B. Belfridge
originally posted on the Canteen 02/20/97

Mr. Rumbold sure is keeping me busy this morning! Thank goodness my coffee break is coming up! Anyway, he has revised the staff rules and wishes me to pass them on. *I* think he's gone a bit 'round the bend, the big-eared, bald-headed git...but I must do my job. Anyone know if they are hiring at Austin Reed's?

STAFF RULES AND REGULATIONS Punctuality: All staff are expected to arrive by 9:00 A.M., with the exception of executive staff, who are not expected to be in prior to 9:30. Staff are expected to sign in upon arrival. Excessive tardiness shall first be referred to the department manager for reprimand and explanation (usually pointless). If these tardies continue, termination may follow. Time Off: There will be absolutely no time off allowed whatsoever, for any reason. Holidays: All staff are expected to take their holidays at the same time, as the store will be closed for a fortnight once a year. This closing will not occur at the same time each year, however, and is usually subject to the decorators' schedule. Breaks and Lunch: All staff shall be permitted one *15*-minute morning coffee break at 11:00, a *1*-hour lunch at 1:00, and a *15*-minute tea break in the afternoon. Staff will be expected to log said breaks in the E., L., and T.B. Book. This book will be overseen by the department floorwalker. Breaks and lunch shall be taken in the staff canteen (however disgusting the food may be), and staff are expected to return to their respective departments promptly thereafter. Grace Bros. shall not be held responsible for the cleanliness of its canteen, or the friendliness of the canteen staff (especially the manageress). Pay: All wages are to be kept private and confidential between the department manager and staff member. Staff shall be paid according to seniority, not experience (albeit not much). Rises shall not be given unless said staff member is promoted. All staff shall be paid 5% commission on all sales. Bonus pay shall not be paid often, and the management reserves the right to withhold such bonuses at any time without notice. Smoking: Staff shall not be permitted to smoke on the sales floor. Executive staff, however, may smoke in their own office. Drinking: Alcohol may not be consumed in the presence of a customer. It may, however, be consumed in the fitting rooms, or secreted in the department in whatever manner the staff member sees fit. Staff are also permitted to drink on their lunch hour. If staff member appears to be drunk in front of their colleagues or upper-middle management, they shall not receive a reprimand. Eating: No food shall be allowed on the sales floor at any time. Any food found in the departments, such as pork pies, sandwiches, half-eaten pastries, etc. shall be left where it was found (usually in the Senior Salesman's private drawer). Dress: Male Staff shall wear a 3-piece suit with whatever shirt they wish. Junior staff shall be permitted to wear jacket and trousers without a vest. Ties shall be worn at all times. A white handkerchief will be tucked into the top pocket (fluted, of course) and 2 inches shall be shown above the pocket. All male staff shall wear a hat: Department Heads and above shall wear bowlers; Senior floorstaff, including floorwalkers, shall wear a hamburg; Juniors shall wear caps or trilbys. All floorwalkers shall be required to wear a red carnation on their jacket's left lapel. Female staff shall wear the usual Grace Bros. black jumper, along with whatever long-sleeve white blouse they wish. Senior salesladies are permitted to wear supervisor's frills on their blouse. Junior salesladies, of course, shall not be allowed any frills until they are established. Stockings shall be worn at all times. Customer Handling: Once the customer exits the lifts, he or she shall be greeted by the department floorwalker. The floorwalker shall then direct the customer to whatever department they might require. He shall then ask the Senior salesperson "Mr./Mrs. -----, are you free?", whereupon the Senior will respond. If the Senior salesperson is not free, the floorwalker shall then ask the next salesperson in line if they are free. If he or she is not free, the Junior salesperson shall attend to the customer. The salesperson shall then approach the customer by saying "Good morning/afternoon, Sir/Madam, are you being served?". Staff shall stay within the confines of their own department at all times, unless otherwise informed by the department floorwalker or department manager. Maintainence staff: All members of Packing and Maintainence shall not be permitted on the sales floor at any time during store hours. CR/bb