Are You Being Served?

Time Line

There are a couple of different time lines here. The first one is the cast, starting, ending, and the changes in between. The second is the nurses and secretaries.

Original Cast of Characters
Young Mr. GraceMr. Rumbold
Captain PeacockMr. Grainger
Mr. HumphriesMr. Lucas
Mrs. SlocombeMiss Brahms
Mr. Mash

year** came left
1976 Mr. Harmon Mr. Mash
1978 Mr. Tebbs Mr. Grainger
1979 Mr. Goldberg* Mr. Tebbs
1981 Mr. Spooner Mr. Lucas
Mr. Grossman Mr. Goldberg
Mr. Klein Mr. Grossman
Old Mr. Grace Young Mr. Grace
*Mr. Goldberg was hired as a Junior
**There were no episodes filmed in 1980 & 1982
1983-1984 Final cast of Characters
Mr. RumboldCaptain Peacock
Mr. HumphriesMr. Spooner
Mrs. SlocombeMiss Brahms
Mr. Harmon

1991-1992 Are You Being Served? Again! cast of characters
Captain PeacockMr. Rumbold
Mr. HumphriesMrs. Slocombe
Miss BrahmsMiss Lovelock
Mavis MoulterdMr. Moulterd

Secretary/Nurse Timeline

Year Mr. Rumbold Mr. Grace sec. Mr. Grace nurse
1973-74 unnamed none none
1975 Miss Ainsworth
Miss Thorpe
1976 unnamed# Miss Bakewell none
Miss Hazelwood##
1977 none unnamed
1978 none unnamed###
1981 none Wynona
Virginia Edwards
1983-84 Miss Belfridge no Mr. Grace
#played by Isabella Rye in "Forward Mr. Grainger"
##in "What a Tangled Web"
###played by Vivienne Johnson

with thanks to Mr. Seldon, Darian, and other Canteen members