Movie jokes borrowed from the series

  1. German Week-anti-german feelings
  2. Camping In-Mrs. Slocombe blowing air into her mattress
  3. Dear Sexy Knickers-the letter and subsequent mix-up
  4. After receiving two shots, Mrs. Slocombe comments about a "jacksy full of vaccine," borrowed from "Cold Store."
  5. The Arabs bit at the begining is similar to (Fire Practice).
  6. The "It's her own hat" joke, (Goodbye Mrs Slocombe).
  7. Moving water makes everyone want to "go". (New Look).
  8. Mr. Lucas covering a topless model, also used in the pilot and (?) in "Top hat & tails"
  9. "I didn't hear that" used both before the movie in "Cold Store" and after in "The Hold Up"
  10. "I bet it's not the first time you've lost your knickers in a tube." Mr. Mash says that to one of the cleaners in Christmas Crackers
  11. "Shellfish...isn't that supposed to make you virile?" is used both in the movie and "Coffee Morning". In both instance, Captain peacock (in the movie) and Mr. Lucas (in "Coffee...") doubt that a shriveled prawn and a couple oysters will improve their performance.
  12. Mrs. Slocombe telling Captain Peacock, "Two lonely people thrown together on a foreign shore - we'll have to watch it, won't we?"-similar to the bit in His and Hers when Captain Peacock asks Mrs. Slocombe out on a "date"
  13. in general-Mr. Lucas given the dirty tasks.
    examples of this from the series include:
    • having to sleep on the floor in The Apartment
    • having to get a chair for Captain Peacock in New Look
    • having to give up his chair to Mr. Grace in The Clock
  14. The scene in the movie where Miss Brahms says, " Oh that hat does suit madam... oh that hat REALLY does suit madam..." is strikingly familiar to the scene in "No Sale" where Mrs. Slocombe tells her hat customer, "Oh that does suit madam, oh that DOES suit madam..."
  15. Not only is the pouring/trickling of the wine (in the movie) reminiscent of "New Look", but six years after the movie, Mr. Harman does the same pouring act with a watering can full of water in "Calling All Customers" (I get you were dying for that, squire!)...
  16. When Mr. Humphries puts powder on his face during the dinner scene in the movie, he says something to the effect of, "I don't mind my face looking lived in but I don't want it to have squatters." ...Four years later, in "Closed Circuit," Captain Peacock says something quite similar abou Mrs. Slocombe's face: "Her's is more than lived in; it's got squatters!"
  17. When Capt. Peacock asks Mr. Humphries if he's free for a Middle Eastern gentlman, Humphries replies that they say "a change is as good as a rest."
  18. While the Grace Bros. staff are looking up at the hotel's balloon, Mr. Grainger says that he guesses that "it pays to advertise."

with thanks to my Canteen collegues, The Red Shadow,
Mr. Coward, and Miss Belfridge Darian and Daft Boy