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Week ending 14 Jan 00

Max panicked when Skye threatened to tell Asa the identity of his real son, then insisted to Max that she was bluffing and does not know who the real Buchanan heir is. RJ admitted to Hank that someone wants him dead, but refused help from the police or Hank. After Lindsay told Nora and Sam that she is engaged to Bo, Nora surprised Sam with plans for them to get married in Tahiti right away. Dorian covered, but Nora was suspicious when she heard Lindsay tell Dorian that Nora knows nothing about her lies. Viki worried about Ben after his medical license was permanently revoked thanks to Skye. Ben promised Viki that he will give up his vendetta against Asa. Jessica was upset to learn that Cris proposed to Roseanne. After learning Will is still involved with Jessica, Asa had the books at the Megan Foundation audited, which showed that Will has been embezzling money. Kevin and Kelly tried to ignore their mutual attraction.

Week ending 7 Jan 00

After Nora saved Bo, who was nearly electrocuted, the two shared a romantic dance, and nearly a kiss, while trapped in the warehouse. Sam and Lindsey found Bo and Nora, but Lindsay was jealous to see them dancing. Upset about changes in Nora, Sam called off their wedding. Lindsay accepted Bo's marriage proposal. To benefit herself, Skye agreed to keep mum that Max is faking his mental problems. Jessica nixed making love with Cris and told him she now loves Will. Will committed to a relationship with Jessica, while Cris told Roseanne he had asked Jessica to reconcile with him. Angry to see that Will and Jessica are still together, Asa demanded that the books for the Megan Foundation (which Will took money from) be audited. RJ and Sykes urged Tea to stay away from RJ until they can find out who wants him dead. Ben told Viki that he bought Crossroads, the bar where they first met.

Week ending 31 Dec 99

During an altercation at the dress shop, Lindsay ripped Nora's wedding dress. Bo was angry when he saw Lindsay shove Nora to the floor. Nora's car broke down on the way to her wedding, then she was locked in a warehouse while looking for a phone. Bo found Nora, but then both were trapped in the warehouse. Sam searched for Nora while Lindsay worried that she had driven Bo back into Nora's arms. Dorian kicked Skye out of her home after Blair decided Skye does not have the missing adoption certificate. Ben and Viki's romantic reunion was ruined when he received a summons to appear before the medical board to have his medical license revoked. Asa forced Will to spend New Year's Eve with the Buchanans instead of going to Sam and Nora's wedding. Cris and Jessica got romantic after he told he still loves her.

Week ending 24 Dec 99

Joey was livid when he caught Kelly and Kevin embracing after Kevin admitted to Kelly that Grace's death has left him numb. Kevin was upset that he accidentally erased the video of Grace's birthday party. Renee was stunned when Max gave Blair his power of attorney. Max was angry that Blair failed his loyalty test when he heard her arranging to transfer some of his money into her own account. Max talked to RJ about Blair's betrayal. Renee and Max both wish he were a Buchanan. Although a bomb scare in Llanview was just a hoax, Lindsay worried about how dangerous Bo's job can be. Will and Jessica and Cris and Roseanne ended up staying at the same inn. Later, Will interrupted a close moment between Cris and Jessica. Viki did not believe Skye's lie that she was in Las Vegas with Ben, who returned in time for Christmas. Dorian told Viki she is pretending to be friends with Skye to find out what she is up to.

Week ending 17 Dec 99

Bo panicked when Delphina predicted a bomb would go off in Llanview, endangering many people. After Asa, RJ and Jessica received mystery packages, Delphina told Bo she was talking about an "emotional" bomb, not an explosive bomb. Nora and Sam made plans for their New Year's Eve wedding. Jessica attempted to reconcile Will and his father, Sam. Max kissed Skye when she tried to find out if he is faking his mental problem. Max also planted a kiss on Blair after he overheard her and Dorian plotting a way for Blair to gain access to Max's money via his diminished mental condition.

Synopsis from united feature syndicate via Contra Costa Times

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